Saturday, February 23, 2019

Angry Andrew

The governor of NY always seems to be angry, but that makes for interesting creases and wrinkles worth sketching.

But really, this picture was just an excuse to fully try out G.C. Murphy Tarnished Nickle ink (Birmingham Pen Co.) that I used as an accent color on the Rusted Pipe.  It is a complex grey ink with blue and pink undertones.  I just love it!  To round out the picture, I added a touch of watercolor to give his face a bit of color.

         Pen & Ink on extra heavy weight 270 gsm mixed media paper (Stillman & Birn)

This is just a quick sketch but you can really see how complex the G.C. Murphy Tarnished Nickle ink.  Just so much fun!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Spyhopping Orca

Spyhopping or photobombing?  You decide.  

This is another piece using a similar technique as the unfinished penguin (ie, letting high granulating paints do their thing).  Daniel Smith's Lunar Black really is an interesting paint.

                         Watercolor 9x12 on 140 lbs watercolor block

I hardly ever do a study before painting or drawing (probably should).  I did this itty-bitty orca for fun and liked it so much that I did the larger one above.

                                               Watercolor 3.5x5 on paper

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Unfinished Penguin

Some people have unfinished business, I have an unfinished penguin.  Go figure.

I might finish this. . .but then, probably not.

              watercolor on 6.9 x 9.8 200 GSM (110 lbs) Perfect Sketchbook

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Rusted Pipe

Much like the little tree frog doodle, this is also not watercolor but ink (with a splash of watercolor in blue).  I am really enjoying the Birmingham Pen Co inks, with such fun names like Carrie Furnace Pig Iron (the rusted red brown) and G.C. Murphy Tarnished Nickel (the steel black).  This is a bit of a departure from the stuff I have been doing lately.  Always nice to try something different.  

     Brush and ink on extra heavy weight 270 gsm mixed media paper (Stillman & Birn)